Eagle Mountain Lake Party Cove

Eagle Mountain Lake sits in Tarrant County about 12 miles northwest of downtown Ft. Worth, Texas. Its official name today is Eagle Mountain Reservoir. Eagle Mountain Reservoir covers 19,050 acres with a maximum depth of 47 feet and 93 miles of shoreline. Rolling hills, bluffs, and blue water define Eagle Mountain Lake and its terrain.

Where is the Party Cove at Eagle Mountain Lake?

The Eagle Mountain Lake Party Cove is easy to find. The Eagle Mountain Lake Party Cove is the place for boaters to tie up, mix up or pop a cold one, listen to loud music, splash around in the lake, boat hop, and play until they cannot play any longer.

It is located on the Old Ranch House Slough on the east side of the lake about in the middle of its eastern shores. The party cove lies just off of the Eagle Mountain Park’s shores. On land, go north on US 287 from Ft. Worth to Peden Road west, and follow it into the park.

Boaters can easily find the party cove by cruising the eastern shores of Eagle Mountain Lake. The party cove season runs from Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day weekend. In August, Eagle Mountain Lake hosts its annual Raft Up. But, the party usually happens every weekend during peak season at the party cove.

Please remember that a BUI, or boating under the influence, is as expensive as a DUI in Texas. Be sure to have a designated boat operator. The Water Patrol at Eagle Mountain Lake conducts routine safety inspections of boats at the party cove. At the bottom of this webpage, some of the laws for boating on Texas lakes and some tips for hanging at the party cove are posted.

What Happens at Eagle Mountain Lake Party Cove?

There is a lot to see at the Eagle Mountain Lake Party Cove. People-watching opportunities abound at the party cove. Check out its Facebook page by searching for “Party Cove on Eagle Mountain Lake” on Facebook.

You will find a party scene with plenty of people having fun, antics on and off the water, dancing to the loud music on boat decks, even some bickering, and especially, some of the biggest and most accommodating boats on Eagle Mountain Lake. The parties on the party cove can die when the boat radio batteries die and the music stops.

Please heed the following laws and safety measures to ensure your and other’s safety, plus stays out of jail, at the Eagle Mountain Lake Party Cove at any time during the summer party cove season, not only during the annual Raft Up.

Boat Captain Tips from Eagle Mountain Lake’s Annual “Raft Up” Website:

  • You have to have enough life jackets for everyone on board. They must be Coast Guard approved PDF's (personal floatation devices). 
  • Do a safety inspection before hitting the water, and make sure your equipment such as fire extinguishers are accessible and in good working order.
  • Speaking of "good working order", make sure your boat is good to go! Always be aware of the condition of every system that your boat has. Party cove will be crowded, and the last thing you need is a system failure leading to a collision, especially in an environment with people both in boats and in the water. 
  • Unless you have railing, don't let anyone ride on the back of benches or seats, or on top of engine covers. Everyone should be seated, even at idle. 
  • Maintain no-wake speed when around others in tight quarters, especially in party cove.
  • Bring extra bumpers – don't expect other people to be prepared, so make sure you have more than enough. That gives you options when tying up to other boats. 
  • Bring at least one anchor, make sure it's sized right for your boat, and bring 3x the line length than the depth you plan on anchoring in.
  • Bring a helpful and patient attitude to party cove! There will be boaters of all experience levels. Everyone's there to have fun.
  • Stay close to your boat, and have a plan in case something goes sideways. Sudden winds, or other boaters not tied properly can become your problem quickly, so make sure everyone stays close enough to rally the troops and untie if needed. 
  • NEVER operate any watercraft under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Accidents happen all the time due to intoxication, and it's just not worth it (besides being illegal).

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